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These days, social media strategies often include integration with major social networking portals, and for good reasons. There are over 140 million users on Facebook today, and the number keeps growing. Organizations can use tools for publishing information about their activities into social network portals as a means of leveraging that user base, and do so in a highly personal way that becomes part of the user profiles within those networks.

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W Beverage Group Ltd.

W Beverage Group Ltd. represents and partners with suppliers of competitively priced, quality wines, whiskeys, beers, vodkas and other spirits from the USA, Europe and India. FDA registration Pre-COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) application Full COLA application Logistics Federal and State compliance Sales and Marketing


Functionkey can be for you! Functionkey is for anyone of working age trying to break-in into the IT industry. The majority of our students are minorities but we are not limited to any race. Functionkey is trying to become better one day at a time.

Extended Logic, LLC

Extended Logic, LLC is an innovative process oriented team of individuals that understand this industry. Where ever your needs exist in the OSI Model we will address it. We support new and old enterprise technologies


Integrity Children’s Fund (Integrity/ICF) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization founded in 2002 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization was formed in response to the problem of the relatively high illiteracy rate among Jamaican teenagers. In the fall of 1999 Major Richard Cooke and Mr. Richard Delisser made presentations to a group of Jamaicans living in Atlanta. This presentation featured the work being done by Operation Restoration and Covenant Community Church to provide a Christian based education to children in the Trench Town (Joy Town) community in Jamaica. Operation Restoration, started by Lorna Stanley, operated a school for remedial learning, and Covenant Community Church operated a basic school. Evidence of the remarkable changes in the lives of children brought about by a Christian education, was clearly visible in the work of these two schools.

NKN Risk Management Group

NKN Risk Management Group is a strategic risk management company that focuses on a wide range of security, environmental and safety services for both the public and private sectors. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and provides comprehensive consulting services from our group of highly skilled and knowledgeable multidiscipline staff. NKN has expertise and project management capabilities in the following disciplines:

Option 1 IT

Option 1 IT is an enterprise class company with expertise spanning the industry. We understand this industry and provide innovative solutions. Where ever your needs exist in the OSI Model we can address it with design solutions, staffing and project planning to make it all work.


We take care of you. We treat you like an extension of the Tilex Telecom Global family. We watch the budget, work hard, give you our best, and have some fun along the way. It's important to us to have an enjoyable work environment. It gives us the energy to deliver on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations. We're here to help you and your bottom line. That's what family does.

Majestic Auto Repair

Majestic Auto Repair strives to exceed the service expectations of the average customer. As such, finding a shop that happily offers customer-friendly policies is a great way to minimize the chances for reduced customer service or unsavory business practices. For example, most reliable shops these days offer free vehicle inspections that result in a comprehensive price estimate.

Blacq Dezign

Set the mood with our DJ's hand on experience spinning the latest hits. We will supply the music your party needs to achieve the maximum participation. If needed our DJ's will act as coordinator and emcee at all special events and holiday parties. Some of the musical styles we play at your request.

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